December 3, 2018

Tech Tip: How to Finish a Data Drop

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In today's tech tip experienced technician Ernest will show us how to finish a data drop when installing a low voltage cable . For this demonstration, he'll be using Data Drop in a Box the first all-inclusive data cabling kit. It has everything you need to do a single or double data drop, including:

  • Cat5E or Cat6 iCAT-ITS Cable 100-300 ft.
  • Patch Cords
  • Surface Mount Box / Mud Ring
  • Faceplate
  • RJ45 Jack
  • Termination Tool
  • Screws
  • Zip Ties

We'll begin by installing the faceplate.

On the back of the faceplate, there is an arrow that shows which direction is facing up. With the faceplate facing up it's easy to snap the jack into place, just insert the bottom part of the jack first then press upward until you hear the click. This will secure the jack in place.

If you have two jacks repeat the previous steps; if you only have one jack, Data Drop in a Box comes with a blank insert. It can be inserted just like a jack, bottom first then press up until you hear a click. 

Locate the plastic bag that has screws and windows to label the jack. Use the screws to attach the faceplate to the mud ring. Tighten the screws about halfway then step back to make sure it's level, make any necessary adjustments then finish securing the plate to the wall.

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Once the faceplate is secured to the wall, you can label the windows for the jack. You can print a label, write directly on the window, or leave it blank. Pop them into place to finish the faceplate installation.

Next, we'll demonstrate how to apply the surface mount box. The surface mount box can be used if you want to have an outlet on something that isn't a wall, such as the bottom of a desk or table.

To attach the jack to the box start with the jack upside down, then pop it until you hear a click. Put the top of the surface mount box on until you hear another click. When you first opened the surface mount box, you should have noticed the screws and adhesive pad for attaching, both can be used to finish installing the surface mount box. Either screw it into place or use the double-sided adhesive to stick into place.

Once the faceplate and/or surface mount box is installed, you can take the patch cords provided, plug one end into the wall/box, and the other end into a device like a computer, phone, or TV. 

You officially have a wired connection!

About the author 

Doug Gies

Doug Gies is the VP of Operations at Automated Systems Design, Inc. He has over 25 years of experience in the rapid deployment of technology to Fortune 500 retail customers. At ASD®, Doug directs and guides operational activities with the objective of maximizing growth and profitability as well as providing day-to-day support to the team.

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