July 22, 2021

Supply Chain Updates 2021

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Thankfully, the worst of the pandemic is winding down. But supply chain issues are continuing to increase. Pent-up demand from consumers is fueling the resurgence of industries that shrank or came to a screeching halt during COVID-19.

Auto sales are through the rough, despite a scarcity of used cars. 

The housing market is the highest it's been in 14 years, even with the shortage of lumber. 

Restaurants and hotels are desperate to reopen, but struggling to find staff.

The low voltage industry is also facing its own set of challenges and hurdles. 

Many job sites were shut down, paused, or canceled altogether. Now those built-up backlogs are ready to unleash. While the quick pivot to growth is promising for businesses and the economy, it’s causing a whiplash effect across all integration channels. 

Transparency is key during a time like this. As a client, it’s essential to communicate your expectations early and often– and understand that you may need to be flexible. While we’ll do our best to accommodate every client’s needs, the supply chain may have other plans. If you must have a certain system, the timeline may be pushed. If a deadline is non-negotiable, then the systems you want may not be available.

Engaging ASD® as soon as possible will minimize any potential problems. When we can get involved early, project managers can better understand where they fit into the project schedule. This early collaboration and communication will help PMs navigate potential material shortages and account for delays from the other trades. 

Our engineers are working with distributors and manufacturers to find new solutions, substitutions, and opportunities. Project managers are coordinating with different stakeholders and navigating complex and ever-changing schedules. Account executives are keeping clients up-to-date and aware of potential delays.

The lack of availability of materials is adding another layer of complexity to projects everywhere. Please know that we are doing everything possible to deliver the red carpet service you’re accustomed to. 

Chief Operating Officer, Mike Castiglione, said, “The global supply chain has been compromised, and these challenges will be with us for a couple of years. As a result, thorough kickoff meetings, checklists, and checking product availability line-item by line-item will be more important than ever. But we’re ready and excited to get back to work.”

The earlier you start planning, the better odds you have of getting the systems you want in-budget and on-time. Use the free Technology Project Budget Calculator to get started with a rough estimate.

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Abe Fleming

Abe Fleming is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Automated Systems Design, Inc. He a results-oriented business development and technical sales leader with over a decade of progressive experience developing and managing sales teams.

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