August 31, 2018

Should Your Vendors be Avetta Certified?

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When you hire a vendor or contractor you need to make sure they meet safety and sustainability requirements. So you should probably ask for proof of insurance and certifications. But here’s the thing...

Proof of insurance just means the vendor can afford a basic package and a certification means someone was smart enough to get it at some point. These don’t prove competence, adequate coverage, or sustainability and safety compliance.

If you want to protect your organization then you need to properly vet your vendors but doing so can be a lengthy, confusing, and troublesome process. Avetta does the heavy lifting for you and ensures that your vendors are trustworthy.

So who exactly is Avetta? And when do you need Avetta certified vendors? 

Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors. We bring unmatched visibility to your company through cloud-based technology and human insight. As a result, we foster sustainable growth for your business, as well as your supply chain.

Formerly known as PICS Auditing, Avetta helps enterprises assess and mitigate risk by handling the vendor pre-qualification process. They ensure that service providers conform to all health, safety, environmental, and other relevant legislation. Providers that meet the criteria can be trusted to maintain a safe environment that minimizes risk and organizational liability.

Avetta asks questions and creates profiles that are tailored to the vendor’s specific services, risk profile, and industry. They are individually assessed to ensure that they have adequate coverage, documented procedures, qualified workers, and meet compliance standards. All of your bases are covered with an Avetta certified vendor.

The rigorous application process for vendors is also an ongoing one. All information and documentation must remain up-to-date to retain the certification. This removes the cumbersome burden for clients. They no longer have to constantly follow-up and check paperwork.

Industries such as construction, facilities, telecom, chemicals, or transportation are inherently dangerous. You must be meticulous when vetting and selecting vendors because anyone working in and on your grounds is a liability. Avetta helps clients reduce risk, improve safety performance, and -most importantly- save lives.

If you’re interested in hiring an Avetta Certified vendor it’s important to remember that it can take vendors several months to initially earn their certification. So, if you want to start work or pick a vendor soon then you need to pick someone who is already certified and green-flagged.

Luckily, ASD is Avetta Certified and ready to work.


We obtained our certification in 2015 to begin working with Air Liquide. They deal with dangerous gases and substances and need technicians who are properly covered, certified, and willing to follow all safety protocols. With our Avetta Certification and superior project management we are now working at multiple facilities across the United States. 

Check out the project profile below to learn more. 

Air Liquide CTA

About the author 

Brent Otwell

Brent has been in the low voltage industry for two decades. His successful track record and passion for the team led to his promotion in 2019 when he became Director of Operations. Now, Brent supports the Georgia and North Carolina operations teams and ensures they have the resources they need to deliver projects on time and within budget.

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