Leveraging the latest in mobile app technology, ASD is staying ahead of the competition by delivering the best in Workplace Technology Solutions 

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From structured cabling to across the Digital Workplace, empowering complex communications to enabling collaborative workspaces, ASD is on the frontline of innovation, design and implementation for organizations large and small, national to local and every point in between.

The pace and speed at which our work needs to get done has moved forward exponentially. This new norm requires real-time communication, the ability to foresee obstacles before they happen, to move faster than ever before and find ways to work smarter.

At ASD, we now have an app for that…

Introducing the New AASDI™ Mobile App

The AASDI™ Mobile app leverages technology to allow ASD’s project managers to spend time on what matters most, delivering Red Carpet Service.

The app enables us to geotrack our field technicians, receive project photos in real time, and streamline the entire reporting and communication channel back to the customer.

Our Project Managers now have the ability to spend a larger percentage of their time inspecting and controlling quality without losing time sifting through emails and organizing deliverables one-by-one in the field.

Our AASDI™ partners can now create daily logs and document deliverables easier than ever before. Using technology to automate the process, our team can focus on the details of the project and we are able to show our clients results instantly.

ASD encourages all of our clients to “be confident in your workplace technology”. It’s more than our motto, it’s our mission. And we practice what we preach.

Our new AASDI™ Mobile App is just one more way we’re working smarter for our customers to deliver the best in all we do.

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