April 18, 2018

Data Drop in a Box Makes a Big Splash with Cable Installers and DIYers

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Running a cable seems like an easy enough task, right? Or it should be at least. But, for those of us who have done it once or twice, or a couple hundred times, you might be more familiar with one of the following scenarios:  

The Contractor: You’ve got a project for a local business and need to run two cables at each of their five locations. You pull up to the first job site and start sifting through your van looking for all of your supplies. When you open the box of RJ45 jacks your hands slip and a couple dozen of them fall to the ground. Then you grab your 1000 ft. of cable, lug it across the parking lot, into the building, and up a flight of stairs -even though you only need 150 ft. You go to patch the cable and realize you left the tool in your van. Now you’re frustrated, tired, and you’re only at the first site.

The DIY-er: You just moved into your first home and you can’t wait to start the renovations. One of the first projects you decide to undertake is running a network cable to your home office. Should be easy enough, right? You end up visiting three different Home Depots to get the supplies you need and wind up spending over $250. When you’ve finished the project you’re left with an extra 750 ft. of cable, two dozen RJ45 jacks, and a tool you’ll never use again.

Has this ever happened to you?

Luckily, you’re not alone. Running a cable should be easy but more often than not, it’s a complicated and difficult process. This is largely due to the gap between manufacturing and the end user. The current products on the market just aren’t designed with smaller projects in mind.

Until now.

DATA DROP in a BOX is the first of its kind, an all in one data cable kit.

​Get your DATA DROP in a BOX cable kit today. 

Whether you’re a contractor or a DIY-er, DATA DROP in a BOX is the perfect solution for a single or double cable install. It has everything you need at the price point you want. Now you don’t have to worry about all that leftover cable, or leaving a part in your van when you’re working on the 15th floor. Everything you need is in one, easy to carry box.

DATA DROP in a BOX includes:

Several years ago, CEO Kevin Kiziah had the idea for an all-in-one cable product that could easily be sent to any job site, anywhere in the country. But it wasn’t until a year ago that Product Manager, Tom MacKay began to turn that idea into a reality. Now, DATA DROP in a BOX has been manufactured and put to the test.

ASD was selected to run cables for the retail store, Bargain Hunt. They needed two cables run at over 70 stores across the country. So ASD sent their installers 150+ boxes of DATA DROP in a BOX to get the job done. 

Without DATA DROP in a BOX, the contractors would have needed several boxes of 1000 ft. of cable, dozens of loose pieces, and a way to carry and keep up with it all. Now, it’s easy for ASD to send the all of the supplies to the technicians.

Without DATA DROP in a BOX, a DIY-er would have to drive around town to round up the supplies they need. And foot the bill for the standard box of a 1000 ft. of cable, even when they don’t need all of it.The all-inclusive kit makes it easy because they’re now able to get just what the need, and nothing they don’t.

With DATA DROP in a BOX, you can say running a cable is easy, and mean it.

Now available at The Home Depot!

About the author 

Naomi Nikolas

Naomi has a BA in Marketing and joined the ASD® team in early 2018. She has a proven track record in her field and looks forward to growing the ASD® brand on and offline. She is responsible for all marketing initiatives including the website, paid advertising, social media, SEO, branding, CRM management, and content creation.

  • Thanks for explaining data cabling. This is something my dad would be interested in learning about. I’ll let him know about this and how he can get a professional to to help him with data cabling.

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