February 26, 2018

Cyber Security in the Workplace is Everyone’s Business

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Those that play a role in their company’s IT infrastructure or facilities management know that any decision you make regarding your workplace technology must include concerns about both physical and cybersecurity.

According to a recent article by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), many organizations have a critical need for improvement in their efforts to guard against cyber threats. They referenced MediaPro’s second annual State of Privacy and Security Awareness Survey of employees in the general public that revealed the average respondent as a “security novice.”

70% of the respondents to MediaPro’s survey revealed a gap in their security awareness. Although this is an alarming number, things are improving. The survey from last year found that 88% lacked needed awareness.

The recent survey findings included:

  • 24% of employees made potentially risky decisions when presented with scenarios involving organizational, physical security
  • 20% of employees revealed a lack of awareness regarding social media and taking risky actions on their personal social media about business-related matters
  • 19% of survey respondents revealed a willingness to take risky actions related to working remotely, including connecting their work computers to unsecured public WiFi hotspots
  • 12% of employees surveyed failed to recognize signs of malware when presented with actual examples

To address this security awareness gap among employees, the NCSA introduced an online education initiative in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As part of the effort by the NCSA and DHS to ensure every workplace environment work to develop a culture of cybersecurity “from the breakroom to the boardroom,” they have introduced an interactive workshop initiative, CyberSecure My Business.

The National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) provided an infographic that illustrates critical cybersecurity steps your business can take.

Who is Watching Who in The Workplace?

As workplace technology consultants, providers, and installers, ASD® stays on the forefront of cyber security across the full spectrum of workplace environment technologies including the added risks of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and the challenges of employees working remotely. And the ever-increasing role of IoT in the workplace introduces additional safeguards that must be in place for both physical and cyber security.

Our technology partners are leading the way with proactive and innovative solutions to guard against both physical and cyber attacks. Two of those leaders are Arecont Vision and S2 Security.

From a recent white paper by Arecont Vision:

“Recent cyber attacks have revealed vulnerabilities beyond traditional IT systems and infrastructure, uncovering the potential threat of attack both on and through many network connected devices.”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly growing as network connectivity blurs the line between computing devices, appliances, vehicles, and industrial equipment.

Arecont Vision is meeting the challenge by balancing ease of installation and ongoing operation with the protection of the device, the network, and the connected infrastructure to assure our cameras are protected to safeguard against cyber security risks.”

From another recent white paper by S2 Security:

“When it comes to physical security, the complexity and interconnectedness of today’s systems provide multiple potential entry points for would-be attackers. This is why S2 Security incorporates information security into every phase of our products. Our comprehensive approach also empowers our customers to implement cybersecurity best practices while remaining vigilant.”

Cyber security is an ongoing process. The landscape of threats is always evolving, and so are our efforts to meet high cyber security standards. To provide you with the best, safest possible solutions, we design and manufacture secure software and hardware products, monitor for vulnerabilities and empower you to remain vigilant.”

ASD® partners with a host of workplace technology industry leaders. Click here to view all of our partners.

How do you provide physical and cyber security in your work environment without negatively impacting productive collaboration, employee performance, and positive company culture?

This is a question that employers, IT professionals, and facilities managers must answer when considering upgrades, renovations, new office construction, and multi-location regional and national rollouts.

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