5 Cool Coworking Concepts You Can Apply to Your Corporate Workplace

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Do you play a role in the workspace design, technology solutions, or human interaction within your office environment?

Are you looking for ways to make your business more productive, more enjoyable for your employees and clients, and more enticing to prospective employees?

If you answered yes to either of these questions then you could benefit from these coworking office space ideas. Coworking spaces provide more than just a chill vibe, high ceilings, weathered brick walls, exposed ductwork, factory windows, and on-site baristas. They provide an environment that prompts creativity, encourages collaboration, and provides workers with more freedom and flexibility.

So, which concepts could make the biggest impact at your workplace?

1. Open Space Floor Plans

Coworking locations are known for their flexibility of non-assigned open workspaces, and often, there won’t be a cubicle in sight. To ensure that people have privacy when needed these open floor plan layouts are coupled with private offices, huddle rooms, conference rooms, phone booths, and even comfortable common areas.

2. Smart Technology Enabled Environments

Coworking attendees do most of their work digitally. This means the spaces require optimal internet connectivity for VoIP, cloud storage, teleconferences, file uploads, project management, day-to-day communication, and more. Conference rooms and huddle spaces are fitted with the latest in AV technology to ensure that users can quickly and effortlessly connect. Common areas have incredible bandwidths capable of supporting everyone’s needs.

3. Next Generation Architectural Acoustics

Open environments invite more interactions and collaboration, but noise is noise. Coworking spaces invest in sound masking systems to minimize intrusive sounds while enabling collaborative engagement. Additional elements are taken into consideration to minimize noise. Flooring, furniture, wall panels, and layouts are all designed to minimize noisy distractions.

4. Nontraditional Illumination, Access Control and Sustainable Design

With a “form follows function” design sensibility, coworking spaces make utility part of the aesthetic. Smart LED lighting and controls in combination with natural light sources contribute to the eco-friendly culture of most coworking environments.

Access control is an electronic system that regulates and restricts access to designated areas. Generally, you’ll see this as key cards used to open doors. You may not need to control who enters and exits every door, but certain areas require stricter monitoring. Access control enhances security and simplifies the process.

With an access control system, if someone loses a key or gets fired you don’t have to worry about security breaches, and you don’t have to pay to replace the locks. This can be especially beneficial if you’re in a building where the people have high turnover. When someone no longer needs access you can simply remove their key card access.

You can also know exactly who is coming and going. This prevents strangers from getting in and reduces the confusion if people come and go after-hours. It also helps if you’re concerned with theft. When you notice things go missing you can see exactly who was present.

The more integrated access control systems also help reduce energy bills. If your system knows that certain areas of a building are unoccupied they can turn off unnecessary lights and adjust the temperature. This cuts back on utilities without a person having to monitor it.

5. A Feeling of Freedom Supported by a Sense of Security

The open environments of many coworking spaces bring with them a need for both physical and digital security. By investing in smart interior and exterior lighting and locking fixtures and controls, your employees and visitors can enjoy their freedom to come and go with both fail-safe and fail-secure confidence and safety.

In addition to getting the right security systems in place make sure you have clear policies and procedures. Everyone in your business should know how to keep themselves and the information they deal with secure. They should also know what to do in case of an emergency. Going over these important protocols will help arm your employees with knowledge and protect your business.

Here’s what others are saying about the influence of the coworking movement and how it’s changing traditional corporate offices.

“The best coworking spaces are immersive and offer captivating design, delivering unexpected elements of fun and comfort. Coworking design benefits businesses by encouraging interactions. Companies both large and small are utilizing flexible space arrangements to better manage their liquid workforce.”


“Over the last several years there has been a steady stream of announcements for new corporate headquarters. In order to improve productivity among millennial employees, Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) recently converted all of their US offices into open layout coworking spaces with no assigned desks”.

– Exchange202

“While coworking spaces have traditionally been used as a hub of creativity and collaboration for start-ups and small business owners, companies across different industries are also beginning to see the benefits of investing in this type of shared workspace”


“Coworking is not a hippie camp; it’s modern facility management. Corporates are not only using but adopting coworking. When those companies plan new facilities, they are incorporating coworking as part of their concept”

Coworking Resources

While your business may not host multiple companies on-premise the way coworking spaces do, but you certainly have numerous employees, clients, departments, and teams working on-site and remotely. Imagine how your people and your business could benefit from the concepts that make flexible coworking environments so popular and productive. And envision the positive impact on your brand, company culture, employee morale, and your ability to attract and retain the best talent.

For further inspiration and ideas check out this list of 21 top coworking brands featured recently in Inc. Magazine.


And if your team is considering implementing any new ideas, remember we provide a number of Purchasing Guidebooks in the ASD Resource Library of our website.



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  2. This is one great post. Would definitely send it to my friend as he is going to open a new coworking space and I can use some ideas for space I work in so that they can also incorporate some cool ideas in their coworking space.

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