Among the Top Questions Asked About Workplace Technology Solutions is “What Will It Cost?”

Among the Top Questions Asked About Workplace Technology Solutions is “What Will It Cost?”

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When reaching out to ASD® for the first time, most people are concerned with solving whatever technology challenge they have as soon as possible. Questions about costs come up early in the conversation though.

As you can imagine, pricing can vary depending on many factors, but that doesn’t help you when all you need is a ballpark estimate to reference in your next meeting or to begin roughing in a budget for your project.

We have noticed that our competitors don’t discuss pricing on their websites at all.

There could be several reasons:

  1. They don’t want prospects to have sticker shock without having a chance to explain their pricing or offer a cheaper option.
  2. Their pricing fluctuates on too many unknown variables so they would rather have a salesperson engaged before talking costs.
  3. They are afraid of being undercut by the competition if they publish their pricing.

At ASD®, we don’t think that way. We encourage our prospects and clients to “Be Confident in Your Workplace Technology” so we believe it’s only right for us to be straightforward and confident with our pricing.

Our Ask ASD® Blog is all about answering questions, so let’s talk about pricing.

We understand that you need workplace technology solutions, but you also need to know what things will cost so you can shape a budget and anticipate ROI. It’s a key factor in your decision-making process.

First of all, let’s list the many services that we provide so we can direct you to the most appropriate factors for you to consider in your budget:

Once you’ve had a chance to review our budget and price range guides, we encourage you to call or email us for a more precise estimate. Whether you are looking for a ball-park estimate and a general idea of the time required or a more exact estimate and scheduling information based on your unique project, we are ready to talk numbers and get you the answers you need right away.

From your first call, to the satisfaction and service we provide before, during and after your project implementation, you’ll be glad you decided to Ask ASD®.

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