June 5, 2018

16 Incredible Conference Rooms You Need to See to Believe

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According to a study done by Atlassian, the average employee attends 62 meetings a month. That means people are spending almost 40% of their time at work in meetings. 

When you understand the sheer amount of time tied up in meetings it becomes quite apparent how important it is to have an effective and functional space to conduct them.

Spaces where you don't waste 15 minutes trying to pull up a PowerPoint. 

Rooms where you can connect to a video conference on your first try.

Areas that allow people to collaborate and exchange ideas.  

Below is a list of 16 conference rooms that accomplish everything they're supposed to it. They give employees the space and resources they need to make their businesses better. 

Conference Room 1

1. Zone Brands

This beautiful conference room in Atlanta, Georgia boasts a relaxed and modern design. It has sweeping views of the Atlanta skyline, comfortable seating, and access to an outdoor patio. It’s professional and minimalist design makes it easy to focus and get work done. Image Source.

Hexagon Feature

2. Hexagon

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Hexagon needed a new facility to support their growing company. The new headquarters were built with the ever-popular open floor plan. The huddle space pictured is the perfect example, it provides an intimate group environment without walls. The tiered seating makes it easy for everyone to see the presenter and TV screen while the semicircular layout facilitates conversation and collaboration. Learn more about Hexagon.

Conference Sq 1

3. Splunk 

Splunk moved into a new office in London and wanted it to reflect their core value: Fun. But work isn’t all fun and games, they needed special rooms to retreat to when they needed privacy. Thus, the train-car-huddle-room was created. This unique take on a conference room gives employees a private space while still embodying their core values. It’s the perfect getaway when they need to make a phone call, video conference, or have a meeting. Image Source

Conference Sq 13

4. Google 

How could you do a top conference rooms list and leave off Google? They started the whole crazy office craze. While they have tons of unique spaces in all of their offices, our top pick goes to their “micro conference rooms” scattered all around the Zurich office in Switzerland. These gondolas are placed throughout the facility and all have different themes. This cluster pays homage to the country its in with a cozy ski theme. Image Source

Conference Sq 3

5. CohnReznick

This New York City accounting firm developed a new office to better suit its growing staff. This room, which is used for both internal meetings and meetings with clients, features an impressive interactive video wall. Not only that, but there are two cameras for video conferencing and whiteboards on both walls. This room oozes professionalism and collaboration. Image Source

Conference Sq 4

6. Land Collective

Landscape architect, Land Collective, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wanted a flexible space. So their conference room features a retractable sliding wall on one side and garage door that opens up to a courtyard on the other side. These features allow for more natural lighting, fresh air, and flexibility within the space. Additionally, there’s a mounted TV for video conferencing and a large cork board to post drawings on.

Conference Sq 14

7. WeWork

Coworking spaces like WeWork are becoming the new office norm, but their layouts and designs are anything but normal. Take this conference room for example, located at South Station in Boston, Massachusetts, it has swings for seats. You read that right, swings. Jury is still out on how productive this makes employees, but it will certainly get those creative juices flowing. Image source

Conference Sq 5

8. FS Investments

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this investment firm created an incredible conference room for their new office. Bulletin boards and whiteboard line the walls making it easy to brainstorm and share ideas. The high-top style desk allows people to sit or stand depending on their preference, without being at different levels. Also note the incredible flat screen display with video conferencing capabilities. Image source

Conference Sq 6

9. Alibaba

Their first US office didn’t disappoint. This medium-sized space can be used as a screening room, training room, or conference room. The comfortable movie-theater style layout makes it easy for everyone to see the screen, have their own laptop, and even rearrange the seating. Image source

Conference Sq 7

10. LivePersons

You’ll find this multi-purpose space in New York City. We like this room because the options are seemingly endless. The chairs and tables all move which means the layout can quickly change. There’s a whiteboard wall, as in the entire wall. It’s very bright and well lit which means employees won’t be straining their eyes and there’s a massive projector which makes sharing presentations easier than ever.

Project Profile: Aaron's divisible room

11. Aaron's

These headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. When Aarons decided to move to a new building they knew they wanted a space that reflected their company’s brand and goals. Their conference rooms hit the nail on the head. This one in particular has 2 TVs for video conferencing and a garage door that connects it to not one, but two other rooms. These spaces can be used individually or all at once for different sized gatherings. Learn more about Aaron's.

Conference Sq 8

12. Perkins + Will

This new office has an open concept and a private meeting space all-in-one combo. With the help of a garage door-style wall they’re able to turn a private room into an open space with the click of a button. Not only that, but do you see the size of that projector? It’s so large that even people outside of the room could see it if you needed to have an assembly-type meeting. Image source

Conference Sq 9

13. ENAP

All the way in Santiago, Chile there’s a conference room you can only dream of meeting in. Imagine attending a large meeting where you didn’t have to squint to see the screen because it was right in front of every attendee. These small screens also retract into the table when you don’t need them. If that’s not enough, those are the Andes mountains you see in the distance. Image source

Conference Sq 10

14. Swinerton

Swinerton specializes in renewable energy engineering and monitors solar voltaic plants, this means they work around the clock. They wanted a bright, open, and energizing space so employees were motivated even during overnight shifts. This room, with an incredible TV wall serves its purpose. There are 2 tiers of work stations all facing the impressive display wall. This would be a great room for monitoring its solar plants and training its staff.

Conference Sq 11

15. Priceline

In Norwalk, Connecticut you’ll find this boardroom nestled in the treetops. If you can stop gazing out the windows you can (easily) see the incredible 15 screen video wall from every corner of the room. There are microphones placed on the desk making it easy to hear everyone while video conferencing and there is additional seating along the walls so even the biggest meetings can be comfortable and effective.

Conference Sq 12

16. Intense Lighting

This showroom is a dream come true. The room was designed with large gatherings in mind and has the backbone to support them. The large dual projector screen can easily be seen from the back of the room, LED lighting illuminates the space, and an audio system equipped for all types of gatherings.

So much precious time is spent in meetings that you should do everything you can to make that time count. Your conference rooms should reflect your organizations values and goals. To do this, you need to start with a good design and then implement reliable technologies.

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